We are Leoni and Jonas from the Matzhof and make sure that your parents know, what children expect from a paradiese for families on a holiday farm.

Family holidays in the Matzhof - leads to all the children very much and many holiday experiences. The recipe for this is quite simple: wait for the holidays, take your siblings and parents also want a backpack full of adventure, refined it all with a pinch of curiosity, then it's off to get to the Dolomites in Nova Levante, unpacked the backpack to Matzhof - and let the fun for the holiday in nature begin. On the Matzhof you may be near when our dad Georg, feed the cows, pigs, horses, chickens and other animals or when our mama Judith prepares for you the delicious jams, bread or other treats.

And to convince your parents that our agrotourism vermamente deserves the title as "family friendly" you just have to show him this list:
  • Traffic safe place, potential sources of risk for children and babies are protected
  • On request accessories for little children (baby bed, high chair, potty, changing mat, bottle warmer, baby bath ...)
  • The farm has a playground for children from 0-12 years away from the road (from middle of June to late of August and awaits a children's pool)
  • The laundry can be washed, dried and ironed
  • Children have their own play room with books, games, and toys for all ages
  • In addition, there are balls, cards, board games, children's books and coloring books available
  • Pets may be touched (for example, rabbits, goats, ...)

So what are you waiting for? Come as fast as possible! We look forward to discovered, come along to you our farm and its surroundings.

Leoni & your Jonas