The Matzhof in Nova Levante has a long tradition, records show that the house of the old Matzhofs was built around the year 1866. Middle of the 20th century operated the grandparents of Georg Kaufmann, Siegmund and Maria Kaufmann, agriculture and livestock. In addition to acquisition transported the wood merchant, especially forest management in the Val d'Ega has a long tradition. The trees grow very slowly here, which is why the quality is excellent. Tonewoods from the Latemarwald are extremely sought after by many instrument makers.

After the death of Siegmund businessman whose son Ferdinand Kaufmann took over the farm in 1965. When Ferdinand Kaufmann managed the farm, the Kaufmann family already rented the first bed and breakfast. 1976 Ferdinand married. With his wife Reinhilde he took the cattle industry again, he had temporarily abandoned.

In 1977 Beate was born four years later Georg.

Ferdinand and Reinhilde presented early 80s to on dairy farming and renovated the barn. But since the family has a ski lift in the Carezza ski resort in winter and therefore has a lot of work, they presented the mid-80s of dairy farming in order to breed calves.

Georg Kaufmann and his wife Judith decided in 2007 to build a new Farm a few meters below the site of the old court. However, living in the "new Matzhof" the tradition continues. From the old farm Georg and Judith many mementos have taken with the new yard. Among other things, they have incorporated the old country inn dating back to 1866 faithfully in the new yard.