Museums and exhibition venues:

South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology - Bolzano - 22 km
Three floors of the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology are dedicated to original finds and the story of Ötzi, the Man from the Ice: from the media hype surrounding his discovery to the research into the 5,000-year-old, exceptionally well-preserved mummy and the associated items, as well as all sorts of oddities, fascinating interviews and interactive experiences. The highlight of the exhibition is a lifelike reconstruction of Ötzi himself. The top floor of the Museum hosts an annually changing exhibition of archaeological topics.

Museion - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art - Bolzano - 22 km
Museion boasts a collection of over 4,500 modern and contemporary works of art, displayed from time to time in theme-related exhibitions. Temporary shows featuring current, high profile artists from around the world are also hosted at Museion. In the summer months a series of projections on the building’s facade can be viewed. On Thursdays a free guided tour is also offered, along with events that aim to present and discuss contemporary art on different levels. A wide range of children’s activities are also available.

Women's Museum - Merano - 55 km
The Women’s Museum documents past and contemporary women’s history and social roles using everyday objects, clothing, accessories and curiosities.

Pharmacy Museum - Bressanone - 61 km
The Pharmacy Museum documents 400 years of pharmacy in the municipal dispensary, combining modern architecture, art and history and displaying devices, medicines, containers and packaging from the daily pharmacy business.

Augustinian Abbey of Neustift- Varna - 65 km
The Augustinian Abbey of Neustift is one of the most important monasteries in Tyrol. It houses a baroque monastery church, a library with precious manuscripts, an art gallery with an impressive collection of Gothic panel paintings and a historic monastery garden.