Pond of Fiè- 33 km
Montiggler lakes - 42 km
Caldaro lake - 52 km
Garda lake/nord - 124 km
Garda lake/sud - 169 km

Castle Roncolo - Bolzano - 26 km

The medieval castle is situated near Bolzano on a protected porphyry rock high above the Talfer, at the entrance to the Sarn Valley. Especially known castle roncolo is because of its extensive secular frescoes from the Middle Ages, which tells of authentic chivalric legends, of ladies, of scenes from literature and from life on the farm and hunting.

Castel Presule - Fiè allo Sciliar - 30 km
Worthwhile are for example the collection of arms, most of which date back to the 19th century, but some are also from the period date of Leonhard von Völs.

Castel Tirolo- Tirolo - 62 km
In majestic position high above Merano, there is the family seat of the Early of Tyrol, located on a huge moraine. One upon a time, Castel Tirolo was the seat of the Earls whose last member died in 1253. Today, however, it is the symbol of the area.

Juval Castle - Kastelbell - 72 km
The museum in Juval Castle in Vinschgau is dedicated to the Magic of the Mountain and houses several fine art collections: a Tibetica collection, a gallery of paintings of the world’s holy mountains, a collection of masks from five continents, a unique Gesar of Ling exhibition, a Tantra Room and the Expedition Cellar. Trained guides are available to explain all the exhibits. There is also a small mountain zoo, home-grown produce at the Schlosswirt tavern, excellent wines in Unterortl and, at the foot of the hill, a farmhouse shop. Juval Castle always makes a big impression in so many ways.

Castel Coira - Sluderno - 102 km

One of the best preserved castles in South Tyrol with the largest private armory, and a fabulous arcade.

Museums and exhibition venues:
South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology - Bolzano - 22 km
Three floors of the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology are dedicated to original finds and the story of Ötzi, the Man from the Ice: from the media hype surrounding his discovery to the research into the 5,000-year-old, exceptionally well-preserved mummy and the associated items, as well as all sorts of oddities, fascinating interviews and interactive experiences. The highlight of the exhibition is a lifelike reconstruction of Ötzi himself. The top floor of the Museum hosts an annually changing exhibition of archaeological topics.

Museion - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art - Bolzano - 22 km
Museion boasts a collection of over 4,500 modern and contemporary works of art, displayed from time to time in theme-related exhibitions. Temporary shows featuring current, high profile artists from around the world are also hosted at Museion. In the summer months a series of projections on the building’s facade can be viewed. On Thursdays a free guided tour is also offered, along with events that aim to present and discuss contemporary art on different levels. A wide range of children’s activities are also available.

Aldein Museum - Aldino - 27 km
The Village Museum contains religious art as a symbol of the piety and art forms of the Baroque and Rococo periods. A special jewel is the treasure of the Thalhof. There are also paintings, woodcarvings, coins and medals from private collections.

MMM - Castel Firmiano - Frangarto - 27 km

As the centrepiece of the Messner Mountain Museum, MMM Firmian in Sigmundskron Castle near Bozen addresses the subject of man’s encounter with the mountains. In a setting dominated by the various peaks between the Schlern and the Texel range, the museum is spacious enough to be organised as an itinerary between the various works of art, installations and relics that it houses. The paths, stairs and towers lead visitors form the depths of the mountain, where their origins and exploitation are brought to life, and the religious significance of the peaks as an aid to orientation and a bridge to the beyond, to the history of mountaineering and the alpine tourist industry that we know today. Annual exhibitions are also held.

Apiculture Museum - Renon - 35 km
The history and evolution of beekeeping in South Tyrol is illustrated at the Plattner Bienenhof Apiculture Museum. Outside can be found an educational trail with old beehives and a farmer’s garden.

7 Gardens Kränzelhof - Cermes - 53 km
The medieval residence of Kränzel is surrounded by vineyards and the "7 gardens", providing a venue for a wide-ranging cultural programme and exhibitions.

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle - Merano - 54 km
The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, located in the town of Merano (Meran) in northern Italy, is a botanical garden nestled into a twelve-hectare amphitheatre with an altitude differential of 100 meters. Trauttmansdorff offers spectacular views of exotic gardens and breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains and the spa resort town of Merano.

Women's Museum - Merano - 55 km
The Women’s Museum documents past and contemporary women’s history and social roles using everyday objects, clothing, accessories and curiosities.

Silver Mine Villandro - Villandro - 56 km
The Elisabeth tunnel in the Mining World Villanders, 1,670 metres long, shows traditional mining methods, the conveyor system and ore processing, as well as the working conditions of the miners. Since 2010 visits have also been possible to the Lorenz mine tunnel.

Pharmacy Museum - Bressanone - 61 km
The Pharmacy Museum documents 400 years of pharmacy in the municipal dispensary, combining modern architecture, art and history and displaying devices, medicines, containers and packaging from the daily pharmacy business.

Augustinian Abbey of Neustift- Varna - 65 km
The Augustinian Abbey of Neustift is one of the most important monasteries in Tyrol. It houses a baroque monastery church, a library with precious manuscripts, an art gallery with an impressive collection of Gothic panel paintings and a historic monastery garden.