The Latemar Massive – a jewel of Mother Nature – provides the breathtaking backdrop to the Latemarium – a realm full of excitement and adventure, in Obereggen.
Because of its geological and botanical importance as well as beautiful landscape, this magnificent massive – surrounded by unique hiking trails – was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The new thematic trails will lead you through ancient alpine forests and over verdant meadows to managed alpine huts. And last, but not least, the easy access makes your stay in Obereggen a special natural experience for the whole family.


The learning trail for families and nature-lovers will sweep you away into the natural habitats of the alpine region and at different elevations. At these interactive stations you'll become acquainted with the flora and fauna of the region.

This adventure trail directly beneath the walls of the Latemar will guide you through this impressive alpine wonderland. Especially spectacular outlook points are highlighted, and related history and stories are told.


Nature-lovers and families will appreciate the downhill trail with numerous sunny and shady spots where you can stop for a rest.

Spectacular panoramas and breathtaking vistas of a host of Alpine summits make this panorama platform at an elevation of 2,200 meters above sea-level a unique experience. The Panorama Map depicts the largest and most-important summits and mountain groups of the Central Alps exactly as you see them. This makes it easy to search for and identify each mountain top. The platform is made of larch wood and has a basic shape reminiscent of an ammonite – a tribute to the many fossil ammonites which can be found at the Latemar.